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Ari Sandel

      Ari Sandel is The X Show Traveler, a 26 year old with a love for unusual activities. He travels the world in search of great vacation spots presenting information and his own interpretation of what he finds in each locale. He travels alone with a small Sony DCR - PC1 mini DV camera and shoots himself as he interacts with locals and tourists in bars, clubs, and restaurants. In addition to shooting the segment, he also writes and produces "The Traveler" himself. So far, he has been to Rocky Point, Mexico, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Kathmandu, Nepal, South Padre Island, Texas, Arizona, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Alexandria Bay, New York, and Interlaken, Switzerland.

     That's what he does now, but here's his real story - Behind the Traveler: the Man, the Myth, The "Life of the Party" Calabasas High School 1993.

     Ari Sandel was born September 5, 1974 as Ezekial Hurn in Calabasas, California, a small Amish community near the 101 Ventura Freeway. As a young lad, he honed his barn raising skills and excelled at butter churning and Goat Neutering. But then he went to public school.

     While in Junior High he discovered the magic and beauty of Slayer. As a metal head (Hesher) he was suspended a total of eighteen days in the eighth grade. His worst was a full week for starting a slam-pit on the bus and knocking Brett Kinningstein out. Brett had to get taken off in a wheel chair. (This is all true, ask Brett Kinningstein)

     A few years later, Ari once knew a guy in the tenth grade who got drunk at a party and threw up but held it in his mouth and then swallowed it back down. That single event was what made him realize he wanted to travel. No relation, it's just a good story.

     In college, Ari was a hardcore frat guy warrior but he also has an intellectual side that allows him to use such big words as "deleterious" and "irrefragable" on a repeated basis with no connection to what is being said . He graduated from the University of Arizona, in Tucson and loves to party as much as the next guy. Sometimes after a long night of Mad Dog 20/20, Ari likes to throw his neighbor's 5-gallon water bottles off balconies into the street. His neighbors find his behavior extremely deleterious and most would agree that this statement is irrefragable. Ari's a real believer that if your not hooking up on a Saturday night, then the next best thing is breaking sh*!t. Beside "The Traveler", Ari has pitched other ideas for the show that haven't been met with as much enthusiasm, such as: "Know the Rules - Slingin' Rock in the Hood" and "Gettin' It - Chubby Chasing", also "Girls in Guys' Asbestos".

     He now spends his day as a slave to the man churning out Traveler pieces as fast as he can shoot and cut them while pursuing a burgeoning directing career. If you have any suggestions for Ari on good places to go, please email them to the X Show. But don't be a loser and be like some guy last week, "Yo man, me and my buddies are from Fresno. You should come here, you'll get laid. Saturday night in the blockbuster parking lot is bad ass and a tour at my grandparent's meth lab would be f*!ckin' great for the segment". Write what makes the place good and some places he should look into stopping by.

     P.S. Check this page from time to time as it will probably change and for all those who like the Traveler segments, keep watching and writing in!

*Text and photo from Official site.

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