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Ashley Degenford

Some pics I found on eBay

Playboy Party Pic w/ Carla

Screenshots from the Lingerie Movie Premiere

Ashley's Screenshots

From the Official Site

The alluring Ashley Degenford, originally from Peoria, IL (outside of Chicago), has been gracing the pages of magazines in the US and Europe since she was young girl. "I was like 5'7" or 5'8" when I was 11, so I got picked up right away," she laughs. In her role with The X Show, she's fulfilling a long-time dream as a movie correspondent.

Represented by noted modeling agency Elite, Ashley spent her high school years working in Miami and Europe for famed photographers, including Bruce Webber, and clients, including Italian Vogue and Versace.

Last year, Ashley won Perfect 10 magazine's 1998 All-Natural Model of the Year, and has appeared coast to coast in events for the magazine. In addition to her Perfect 10 appearances, she will now be featured once a week on The X Show as the show's movie premiere correspondent. "I go to movie premieres and interview people coming down the red carpet, but I'm in lingerie while I do it." Ashley explains. "I'm really looking forward to asking funny and strange questions." Given her minimalist wardrobe to red carpet events, her field reports are sure to be revealing.

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