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Bert Kreischer

     If there's one thing that Bert Kreischer knows how to do is to have fun. In fact, he majored in it in college.literally.

     A graduate of Florida State University, Bert was named "Top Partier" by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1997. While it's important to note the magazine voted Florida State the "#1 Party School" that same year - Bert's achievement is still quite an honor when you consider the amount of revelry that takes place on college campuses nationwide. With these credentials, THE X SHOW producers had no choice but to grant him the coveted co-host position on the show.

     Bert joined THE X SHOW in September of 2000 as one of four co-hosts (along with Craig Jackson, Daphne Brogdon and Gary Valentine). Each weeknight, Bert and the other co-hosts will cover a broad range of stuff guys care about - from sports and money to technology and sex - with candor, unabashed honesty and humor.

     After college, Bert moved to New York City looking to do stand-up, and he was a regular at such places as The Boston Comedy Club. While the "Top Partier" title is a thing of the past, Bert has paid his dues as a stand-up comedian to now be in this situation.as one of four co-hosts of THE X SHOW.

     Born in Tampa Bay, Florida, Bert currently lives in Los Angeles. He's not married and doesn't have any kids, but says "I am straight, though. Make sure you put that down."

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