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Courtney Birch

One of the wisest decisions in the creation of The X Show had to have been the casting of Courtney Birch.
Sure, any other model would have served just as well as eye candy for the set, but Courtney was that and
so much more. Her innate technical savvy and delicate girl-next-door looks made for a powerful combination
in addition to an obvious reason why she appeared on every episode of the show.
Fortunately, we got to learn more about her as time passed and couldn't help but fall in love with her charm,
which earned her the added responsibility of introducing the show and her own segment, "Courtney's Surf School,"
not to mention being spotlighted as a "Model Citizen."

Courtney Birch
Weight: 125 lbs. 8749 Sunset Blvd. Ste.B
Hair: Blonde Los Angeles, CA 90069
Eyes: Blue Tel: (310)854-6622
Film: (Partial list)
Greed in Action/Goo Goo Dolls Tour Lead Crash Films
A Christmas Carol, Diane & Susan Co-Star FX/20th Century Fox
You Were Perfectly Fine Supporting Hotfreaks Films
Hero, Lover, Fool Supporting Zero Pictures
Breathe Featured DEFCON Productions

The X Show 1999-2001 Series Regular FX
Talk Soup - 'Clip of the Day' Featured E! Entertainment
90210 Swimsuit Beach House Lead FX
Maxim Hotel Lead Yahoo! Webcast

Album Trish American New Theater
Loose Ends Susan American New Theater

List Available upon Request

Eric Morris Actors Workshop Method Los Angeles
Eric Morris Actors Workshop Scene Study Los Angeles
Stephen Rappaport Voice Los Angeles

Special Skills:
Internet Expert, Spanish, Dance, Rollerblading, Gardening, Scuba Diving, Painting, Photography, Treasure Hunting, Monkey Call

There is a lot more to Courtney than the web surfer next door whom we all know and love. Courtney has acted in independent fims, coordinated commercials, edited and produced. She first got hooked on the Internet when she worked on the TV show "Sex Bytes" for HBO, when her job was to search the Internet for sex and art. Before she started at The X Show, she was the interior decorator for a house in Venice.

Other Model Citizens

Courtney's Screenshots

Syrup Clothing--Check Courtney out modelling outfits from the company she wore on The X Show

Greed in Action/Goo Goo Dolls Tour

     The X Show's Internet expert Courtney Birch guarantees that the guys are wired every evening. Each night, she surfs the Net for news, trivia and cool Web sites, and joins the guys in their discussions and segments with what she has discovered online.

     Originally from Hollywood, CA, Courtney was raised in Boston, MA. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Courtney moved back to Los Angeles, worked in hotel sales and "waited to be discovered at a bus stop."

     Since she never took the bus, Courtney went ahead and switched fields to television production. She worked as a researcher and associate producer on several television shows, including HBO's Sex Bytes. Courtney admits, "I didn't even know how to open a document when I first got my laptop." She says that she quickly became computer-savvy through research work and some good web tips in various magazines. "I'm a treasure hunter and the Internet definitely appeals to my need to explore. There's always something to learn or to find on the Web."

     For viewers that are just starting to surf the Web, she recommends that they "start slow, find an Internet browser they like, get comfortable with the basic fundamentals of surfing and have fun." Courtney adds, "Don't forget to bookmark the sites you like."

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