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John Webber

     Actor/comedian John Webber appreciates the finer things in life. He returns to the show regularly to join co-host Ashley on the XXX show, and every once in a while, he gets to spend some quality one on one time with a regular X Show model for Model Citizen.

     Originally from New Hampshire, John says he had planned to go into advertising or publicity after graduating from Ithaca College. "But I got acting work," he says. Actually, he got accepted into Improv Boston, where met his wife of eight years, Leslie Upson, also an accomplished actor and comedienne.

     Eventually, the pair moved to New York City, became part of the Chicago City Limits improv troupe, got agents and started auditioning. National commercials followed. Eventually, the couple moved to Los Angeles to pursue television. John has since been a recurring face on The Hughleys, and has been featured on Mad About You, Jesse, Third Rock from the Sun, Homeboys from Outer Space and Party of Five.

     John is also a bonifide representative of the couch potato X Show audience. In fact when he and Leslie moved to New York, he says "we bought a Nintendo and didn't emerge from our apartment for about six months. It's the greatest." John is a self-admitted "computer and gadget geek" and a sci-fi fan too. He and his wife own several computer and video game systems, including a Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation and hundreds of PC games. John has come to terms with regularly coming in second when playing video games with his wife. He says, "I don't blame her for being good. I just have a tantrum that I'm so bad." John also collects comic books and old radio shows on tape. In addition, he's an armchair fan and critic of movies and classic television.

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