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     Without a doubt, The X Show's most attractive and popular co-host is a bouncing baby English bulldog named Knuckles. Born in early February of last year at Saxon Bulldog Kennel outside of San Diego, Knuckles is just a regular "guy" - confident, masculine and not the least bit self-conscious, basically everything an X Show host should be.

     As an Aquarius, Knuckles is also naturally curious and ambitious. When not lounging on the set or at any of the co-host's feet, he likes to sleep, play with his trainers Jeff Campbell and Karen Taylor, chew on his toys and watch vintage television footage of his idols Benji, Scooby-Doo, Lassie and Astro.

     Knuckles is getting bulkier by the day and is expected to grow into a sturdy 60-70 lbs. Until then, the entire cast and crew will keep arguing over who gets to take him home.

*Text and photos from Official site.

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