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X Show Links

X Show related

Webberville U.S.A. -- John's Site
http://www.voy.com/38146 The New Message Board
Jon Ernst's Web Site
Some places with X Show videos:
http://www.twingalaxies.com/x-show0002.html Video of that one segment with the guy that got a perfect score on PacMan
http://www.bestweb.net/~randym7/spender/xshow.htm Pics of the guy that plays Agent Spender on the X-Files Pics of some lady who appeared on the show as Super Stacy.
http://www.steelballs.com/xshow28.htm Video of the guy with that book on how to read women's tells. [ie, how to tell when a woman is intrested in you from across the room]

Places to find our favorite web surfer Courtney:
www.barminski.com/movies/greed.html-- Here's a quicktime movie that played during a GooGoo Dolls concert. Its around 8megs, but its Courtney-ed out!
www.syrupclothing.com/syrup_html/News.jsp?subject=seenInSyrup -- Here you can find Courtney as well as some other good looking girls modeling some very nice outfits.
http://www.maximonline.com -- Check out the Maxim motel for a webcast of Courtney's interviews.

Model Web sites

Don't be discouraged by all the pay sites. Most have free gallery sections and some even offer free weekly pics, which'll give you enough material to keep you pleasantly occupied.

http://www.dresses.com -- Here you can find Lexie's advice column
Shannon's Official Site -- Shannon's Official Site now kickin' ass and taking names [er, email addresses for, I guess, updates].
http://www.icey.tv -- Icey's Official Site
http://www.debbieentin.com -- Debbie's Official Site
http://www.nefereterishepherd.com -- Nef's Official Site
http://www.alexandriakarlsen.net -- Lexie's Official Site
Mikyla's Worldhttp://www.mikylasworld.com -- Mikyla's Official Site
http://www.beautiesinternational.com -- Nicholle's Site
Danielle Bisutti--Here's something that came up when I searched for her name.
Neriah.com--Neriah Davis's official site [pay]
Kylieireland.com--Her official site. [pay]
heatherkozar.net--Her official site. [pay]
masonmarconi.com--Her official site. [pay]
http://www.juliestrain.com -- Her official site. [pay]
aimeesweet.com-- Her official site. [pay] aka Catie
stacyvalentine.com-- Her official site. [pay]
angelveil.net-- Her official site. [pay]
petracentral.com-- her official site. [pay]
www.wrestlingbabe.comHollywood's web site. Don't know if she has it, but I think you can send her a SASE and she'll send you like a signed postcard or something.
Samphillips.com --Her official site. FREE GALLERIES

E shopping

Express.comLooking for DVD's? Don't look any further.
Bizrate.comDon't get screwed, get money back. Sign up here and get rebates on your purchases at popular sites.
DVDpricesearch.comAn excellent place to shop around. They also inform you about coupons and specials offered by different stores.
trashy.com -- Great feature: Search by model allows you to see how your favorite model looks in different lingerie.

Stuff I like:

Ign For Men -- Another great site filled with guy stuff and women.

ivolt.com -- Here's what the official site should be like. Its got some jokes, info and lots of women. Plus interactive games.

http://www.ultimatesportsnet.com -- Help OPS out and check out the site he works on. He needs at least 500 hits a day, so visit when you can. [once or twice a day]

Professional Web Design -- Where I learned how to program this web site.
Cartoon Network
http://www.thebuzz.com -- The radio station I listen to. They've done a major upgrade, but they still have thier basic stuff including a webcam that updates a pic of the booth every couple of seconds and streaming audio.

http://www.kdat.com -- Here's where a fellow poster on OPS's board works, its a soft rock station, which will soon provide streaming audio.
http://www.coolarchive.com -- A great place to find buttons, backgrounds, clip art, and all of your other website creating needs.
http://www.beefsteakjerky.comhttp://www.beefsteakjerky.com -- A good site to find some damn good jerky.

I'll have to get back to you on the other stuff.

Know of a banner or a site you'd like to see added here? Then email me with it at mapesacrappin@hotmail.com

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Created on ... July 31, 2000