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Monica grew up in rural Mount Vernon, Texas. In high school, Monica mastered courses in agricultural mechanics, horticulture, the study of horses, landscape design and welding. Though she's not fond of pageants, at 19 she won Miss N. Texas in the Miss Texas, U.S.A. pageant. At 20, she got her big break when she won the Hawaiian Tropic contest. Last April she moved to New York where she continued modeling, and got a Pepsi ad campaign. She's now back with us on The X Show and I'm sure you fellas at home couldn't be happier.

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There is a lot more to Courtney than the web surfer next door whom we all know and love. Courtney has acted in independent fims, coordinated commercials, edited and produced. She first got hooked on the Internet when she worked on the TV show "Sex Bytes" for HBO, when her job was to search the Internet for sex and art. Before she started at The X Show, she was the interior decorator for a house in Venice.

Shauna Zoul: Coming Soon

Tracy Kay: Coming Soon

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Born and raised in Newport Beach, Mikyla is a true California girl. Modeling since the age of 12, it’s no wonder she looks so good on camera. Mikyla has appeared in calendars, posters and even on a specialty bottle of beer! Along with her busy modeling career, she is working on her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Beauty, brains and a good listener… wonder Mikyla is another X Show Model Citizen.

lexie lexie lexie lexie
lexie lexie lexie lexie
It's hard to get past those eyes, those lips, that hair….but once you do, you'll find much more than a pretty face. Model Citizen, Lexie Karlsen, is as smart as she is sexy. Yes she's a featured model on The X Show and she's even posed for Playboy, but she's also a gifted writer. Lexie began her writing career at the age of 14 in her hometown of Mesa, Arizona. When she's not speeding through the streets of LA in her Mercedes, you'll find Lexie reading the pages of Forbes or writing an online advice column.


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