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X Show Screen Caps!

Welcome to my screen captures page. Here, you'll find stills I've deemed fit for viewing, well, that criteria goes for all the screen caps on my site. More importantly, this page/archive will be a repository for all the screen caps that I don't have room for on the models' pages, or anywhere else. If you've taken a look at the models page, you'll notice that I am now able to take screen caps at 640 X 480, and larger. If you'd like to see something in particular, let me know, and I'll see if I can do it.
[Note: No Feet!]

Carla Alapont    2

Jessica Asher    2

Courtney Birch    2

Tiffany Bolton    2

Ivana Bozilovic

Julie Day

Ashli Degenford    2

Julee Elliot

Debbie Entin

Nicholle Ginette

Icey    2

Trisha Kara

Lexie Karlsen    2

Joanna Krupa

Elena Maddalo

Shannon Malone



Renee Rea

Neferteri Shepherd

Monica Surratt

Shauna Zoul

Miscellaneous pics: groups of models, and candid moments...

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Created on ... January 28, 2001